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Acquisition of online resources and formats

Acquisition of contacts (reusable objects)

Commented example of an xml metadata

The commented xml below, taken from a valid metadata, allows you to identify the main sections of a metadata and, if necessary, to copy and adapt them to your needs. 

User manual GeoNetwork, being based on GeoNetwork, an opensours solution that is enhanced steadily, is continuousely profiting from these developpements. Updats are carried out on a fast rhythm. That is why it is difficult to keep up adapting the documentation. The basic functions are described in the GeoNetwork manual. Tospecific questions on you may find answers in the FAQs. For further questions, please contact us directly.

User manual GeoNetwork

Direct links

It is possible to directly access a desired metadata set with a parameterised URL using the following parameters (example of the National Maps 1:25'000):

Now you only have to replace the UUID.

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