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Manage directory (creating reusable objects)

Within the directory the following reusable objects (RO) can be created:

  • contacts
  • extents
  • formats 


  1. User creates reusable object (RO)
  2. User sends email to to indicate RO.
  3. Team validates new RO.

Basic requirements:

If below listed requirements are met, the validated RO are available to all 

1. contacts

  • Ensure, the contact doesn't exist yet.
  • A contact has to contain the following information: name and first name OR name of the organisation, address, phone number and/or email address. 


2. extents

  • Ensure the extent doesn't exis yet
  • An extent has to contain the following information: identifier, description, geometry.
  • The extents identifier has to start with a capital letter. 
  • The extents identifier has to contain a place name. Additional, descriptive words can be added, e.g. Zurich (Lake), Switzerland (map, 1:300'000), Fribourg (Canton, Prealps). 


3. Formats

  • Ensure the format doesn't exist yet.
  • A format has to contain the following information: Name and version (in brackets).
  • If version unknown, add hyphen: (-).
  • If no format can be specified: "n/a"


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Humar, Tania (D, E)
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Quinquis, Michel (F)
(+41 58 469 04 66)
Zürcher, Rolf (D, F)



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