Partner models

Do you have metadata describing geodata or do you want to create some? Do not hesitate becoming a partner!

The following schema describes the different partnerships. Each partner can choose the type depending on his needs and requirements.


Direct partner

Direct partners can create and manage metadata directly in the application via Internet. They get a personal group in the database so their metadata will remain separate. In this case, the partner can manage and configure his group with the following possibilities:

  • create and configure user accounts
  • create one or more personal templates
  • generate templates with predefined content
  • import and export data files
  • generate reusable objects
  • select the metadata sets to be published


Harvesting partner (S3)

These partners can upload metadata files on a S3 Server. The import format (XML) is defined according to the GM03 standard. The discovery service of harvests the data and grants a read-only access via the catalogue search.


Harvesting Partner (external DB)

These Partners keep their metadata in their own environment. They open their geodata catalogue for the search-service of This catalogue must be able to understand a request sent by (CSW 2.0.2), transform it into an internal search language and respond. The catalogue from can also implement a model which differs from the GM03 standard.  

Further Information

In particular:

- OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specification

- Revision Notes for Corrigendum for OpenGIS 07-006: Catalogue Services, Version 2.0.2 (1.0)

- OpenGIS Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.2 - ISO Metadata Application Profile (1.0.0)


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