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On this page you will find a list of developments, news and announcements of, the Swiss catalogue for geodata. Documents are only available in german and french


News and developments

07.07.2020 - deploy

The following errors, caused by the migration to version 3.10, have been fixed: 

  • Problems with publishing and depublishing own metadata records.
  • Display and selection problems with the reusable objects "Extensions".

The documentation for publishing geospatial metadata in is now available in english

24.06.2020 - correction of problem with geographical extent

The installation of version 3.10 has led to a problem with the geographical extent resulting in the depublication of some metadata. This problem has been resolved and the affected metadata is now being published correctly again.

08.06.2020 - new version 3.10

The new version includes, among other improvements, the following new features:

- User search :

Allows you to configure a single or multi-criteria user search and store it as a "favorite" above the facets.

If the bookmarked search is multi-criteria, it is possible to delete some of them in the filters, without redefining the configured search.

The saved search can be made available to other users in the group.

- Addition of the JSON-LD format in the search profile.


In addition, the following functions have been improved/corrected in version V3.10 of

- Improvement of the search for invalid URLs. Using the administrator console, user-administrators now have access to the analysis of links showing invalid URLs.

- Security problem.

- Correction of the rss feed.

- Correction of reusable objects control during MD validation.

20.04.2020 - documentation for publishing geometadata on

The documentation for publishing geospatial metadata on have been revised. You can download it from here (in German).

Two corrections have been made. One corrects an error that lead to invalid datasets after editing. The other improves the multilanguage labelling of the two attributes "Identifier" and "Basic Geodata ID". 

the latest deploy contains the following adjustments:

  • Adjustments of different display of download numbers in german and in french (overview list).
  • Adjustments between the different languages in default view.
  • Optimisation of the display for the field "description of origin" (Data Quality).
  • Consideration of subscript characters during PDF export.
  • Various adjustments for harvesting process. 

The latest deploy contains the following improvements and adjustments:

  • adding a description to all attributs in simple view. 
  • problems with xml-imports have been solved..
  • editing Reusable Objects (RO) straight in XML-view.
  • the naming of the contact types  (i.e. data owner) has been simplified.

Since September 9th, geometadata from Canton Berne are published in  


Currently there are problems with exporting large amounts of csv- and zip-files (>50). We are working on a solution. Until then we ask you to export only small batches of data.  


Since August 26th, geometadata from Canton of Aargau are published in 

Deploy with the following improvements and adjustments:

  • Manage directory (Reusable Objects): die application remains in the respective directory when editing Reusable Objects (RO). It no longer automatically to the directory "Organisations and Contacts" after saving and closing. 
  • The selection lists are now standardised when editing metadata.
  • When in editing mode, auto-complete is enabled to search for a geographic extent. 
  • Harvested metadata are now marked with an icon. This applies to the result list of the metadata as well as the default view.
  • The editing rights of the RO have been redefined. As before, a registered user can duplicate all ROs, save them within his own group and edit them. Now he can edit and update the RO of his group himself in even after validation. Deleting a validated RO can only be done by an administrator of the team.
  • When editing metadata, the metadata can be linked to a resource also via the UUID of the parent record.
  • Several minor corrections of v 3.6 (fields for the Rhaeto-Romanic language have been implemented consistently, missing fields have been added in the "complete view" mode, in addition the names of some fields have been adapted and optimized, ...).



New version v 3.6


A new version of, based on GeoNetwork 3.6, has been in operation since Tuesday, April 23 2019. Version 3.6 includes the following improvements:

  • More userfriendly validation: it is now clearly shown which fields have to be corrected. Furthermore, the most common validation errors are formulated more precisely.
  • Advanced search: optimisation of the search function and correction of errors. 
  • URL control: all URLs are checked during validation of the metadata, also those contained in the text fields (e.g. description).
  • Console admin (for administrators): Change of appearance and access to additional information. The menu "reports" can be used to export information which metadata was uploaded or updated in a certain time period. 




FIG - postponed

Due to the current situation regarding the Ccoronavirus, the FIG is postponed until autumn 2020 (september or october).

For registration, please fill out the Doodle (with name and email-address).

The topics are determined on the basis of the user needs and the current developments of the application.

Thank you for letting us know your questions and priorities for the FIG by email ( until July 27th 2020.

Agenda (preliminary):
•Overview 2019 (uptime, statistics)
•Userfeedbacks to planed developments (codelist terms of use, validation of harvested metadata, optimising the list of online ressources)
•Mapping news
•FIG metadata
•Optimising metadata quality
•Services & training

FIG metadata

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, no meetings have been held related to the FIG metadata (models and standards).

Team would like to invite you to a FIG metadata meeting this autumn  (september or october) to discuss the priorities and the roadmap.

The main objective is to revise the GM03 standard in line with the adaptations of other standards (ISO, INSPIRE, GeoDcat) and the experience of the partners.

For registration, please fill out the Doodle (with name and email-address).

•Aims of the FIG metadata
•Milestones and interactions with other standards and models
•Roadmap (2020-2023)
•Organisation (workshops, Jira, meetings, communication)

Trainings trainings 2020

The training on the application of May 25, 2020 is unfortunately cancelled.

The next training will therefore take place on 21 September 2020.

The training addresses actual partners (editing metadata, harvesting...) as well as potential partners (general introduction, editing and harvesting...)

If you are interested to attend, please register here and let us know your interests via email

Arnaud, Raphaëlle (F, D, E) (+41 58 467 69 40)
Humar, Tania (D, E)
(+41 58 485 06 08)
Quinquis, Michel (F)
(+41 58 469 04 66)
Zürcher, Rolf (D, F)



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