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On this page you will find a list of developments, news and announcements of geocat.ch, the Swiss catalogue for geodata. Documents are only available in german and french

News and developments


geocat.ch v3.6: A new version of geocat.ch, based on GeoNetwork 3.6, has been in operation since Tuesday, April 23 2019. Version 3.6 includes the following improvements:

  • More userfriendly validation: it is now clearly shown which fields have to be corrected. Furthermore, the most common validation errors are formulated more precisely.
  • Advanced search: optimisation of the search function and correction of errors. 
  • URL control: all URLs are checked during validation of the metadata, also those contained in the text fields (e.g. description).
  • Console admin (for administrators): Change of appearance and access to additional information. The menu "reports" can be used to export information which metadata was uploaded or updated in a certain time period. 



Arnaud, Raphaëlle (F, D, E) (+41 58 467 6940)
Humar, Tania (D, E)
(+41 58 485 0608)
Quinquis, Michel (F)
(+41 58 469 0466)
Zürcher, Rolf (D, F)



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