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Linked portals

The connection to other metadata catalogues and geoportals increases the value of and extends the scope of the metadata published there. Below are some examples. - the federal geoportal

logo_geoportal_400x400 is the platform for location-based information, data and services of the federal administration. These are provided by public institutions and made accessible to the public via the Internet on

Logo is the opendata portal of the Swiss authorities.

All geometadata published in are first entered and published in From there they are regularly and automatically transferred to the portal.

Geometadata publication on

1. Registration of the organisation in

The first thing to do is to register the organisation as a group in

2. Publication on

The process of publishing geometadata via to

2. Entering geometadata in

Instructions for entering geometadata into

3. Mapping to

The transformation of the ISO-19139_che geometadata standard for (DCAT-AP CH)



The name INSPIRE refers to the EU directive to establish a European Spatial Data Infrastructure to support European environmental policy.

The metadata of basic geodata published in and containing the keyword "official geodata" are automatically harvested and published on the INSPIRE portal.

Detailed information can be found in the document "Technical Guide for the Implementation of INSPIRE Metadata".

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Federal Office of Topography
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