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Standards and models

Revision of the Swiss metadata standards

A revision of the Swiss metadata model for GM03 geodata is planned. The aim is to define a new Swiss profile for geodata retrieval and interoperability between portals. The various attributes will be reviewed at this meeting.

Cf. Swiss Geometadata Meeting

Overview of relevant standards

Overview table
  International Standards CH-Standards
Metadata standard for geografic information ISO19115 GM03 – Swiss standard for geometadata
XML-schema-implementation of metadata standard ISO19115 ISO19139


implemented in

Application profile for data portals and catalogues DCAT-AP


 implemented in

ISO19139_CHE - the standard in

The ISO19139 standard is the XML implementation of the international metadata standard ISO 19115. ISO10139_CHE includes the Swiss extensions, adopted from the GM03 standard, and is implemented in as a standard.

you will find an example of an xml document in ISO19139_che in the documentation  (french / german) on how to record metadata in

GM03 - the metadata standard for Switzerland

The Swiss metadata model GM03 is a Swiss standard SN 612050. GM03 is a profile of the international metadata standard ISO 19115. Several extensions have been made to meet the various requirements of Swiss partners.

GM03 consists of the following two models :

- GM03 Core, the basic model

- GM03 Comprehensive, the extended model

The GM03 models can be found at The models with some accompanying files on GM03 can also be downloaded here.

Note: If the version of the INTERLIS model published here differs from the version published in the Model Repository, the version posted in the Model Repository applies.

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