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logo_GeoNetwork is based on GeoNetwork. The opensource solution brings the following advantages for

  • ongoing further development
  • frequent and regular updates
  • large professional community

For up-to-date and detailed information, please consult the GeoNetwork user manual. Or you can contact us directly. instructions can be found here and selected questions are answered in the FAQ section. 


You can contact us here:


Raphaëlle Arnaud (F, D, E)
(+41 58 467 69 40)
Humar, Tania (D, E)
(+41 58 485 06 08)
Régamey, Benoît (F, D, E)
(+41 58 465 83 31)


Federal Office of Topography
Seftigenstrasse 264
CH - 3084 Wabern

You can contact us here:


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